About Young P

Born in San Diego, CA, Payton McWilliams (Young P) Son to Leonora Piernas & Dre' Piernas, brother to Aubree McWilliams. Young P began his music career the summer of 2017. While on punishment, Young P discovered that he had a talent  of writing and making quality music. His first song "Im Cool" was uploaded to SoundCloud and made major waves in the music world during its debut. The song became so popular amongst locals that it reached up to 27 thousands plays. Young P began to take the music more serious once he saw such positive feedback from so many fans. With the assistance and support of his family, his music career began to rise quickly. Young P then joined APH&Co and one of the youngest artist on the label. Young P is to release his first official single "Sauce" with music video on 6/16/2018.